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Verbal Behavior Training

Behavioral Health Services in Orlando, Florida

Diminishing language & communication barriers for better relationships

Based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavior Training is centered on improving language, speech, and communication. Many disorders prevent effective thought gathering and conveying; hence, that’s why some of us sometimes cannot understand how people with disabilities communicate and why they have unique ways of communicating. Verbal Behavior Training can help these people interact with their peers better, build stronger relationships, and resolve conflicts through open communication.

Verbal Behavior Training, as conducted by registered professionals and therapists, utilize word types or what is called “operants”. Depending on the client’s situation and the level of treatment they must undergo, therapists are then allowed to facilitate word learning through these operants. The four-word types are:

  • Mand – enforces words through requests.
  • Tact – enforces a word through a physical experience
  • Echoic – enforces a word through repetition and imitation
  • Intraverbal – enforces a word through responses

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