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Learn the Common Signs of ADHD in Children

Learn the Common Signs of ADHD in Children

ADHD is a highly common neurodevelopmental disorder that is usually diagnosed in childhood and may last into adulthood. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can affect children in different ways and although it’s normal for children to have difficulty focusing every now and then, children with ADHD simply do not grow out of these behaviors. Hence, comprehensive assessments and treatments are necessary to address the disorder early on.

As leading providers of behavioral healthcare in Orlando, FL, we will discuss the most common signs of ADHD in children:

  • Emotional Turmoil
    Children with ADHD often have difficulty keeping their emotions in check. When a child has ADHD, they may experience bursts of anger at inappropriate times while younger children may experience temper tantrums.
  • Self-Focused Behavior
    A child with ADHD may have self-focused behavior which looks like an inability to recognize other people’s needs or desires. Hence, they may interrupt others frequently or have difficulty waiting their turn. They may also talk into conversations or join activities they were not necessarily a part of, to begin with.
  • Difficulty Finishing Tasks
    A child with ADHD may show interest in different activities and hobbies but may find it challenging to finish certain tasks. This may include homework, household chores, and personal projects. This results in the child moving on to the next thing that captures their interest. ABA services in Kissimmee, FL, can help improve their focus.

Camen Behavioral Services is a full-service ABA practice specializing in ADHD treatment and autism service in Casselberry, FL. Our staff is comprised of dedicated, experienced professionals who are committed to helping our clients improve their behavior to enhance their quality of life. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or schedule an assessment.

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