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Strategies to Promote Positive Behavior in Children with ASD


When a child with autism spectrum disorder misbehaves, you may be inclined to discipline them. However, children with ASD may require a different approach to discourage challenging behaviors. In addition to an autism service in Casselberry, FL, parents and family members can further promote good behavior through various strategies.

As a provider of behavioral healthcare in Orlando, FL, we will share ways to promote good behavior in children with ASD:

  • Utilize Positive Reinforcement
    Kids with ASD tend to respond better to positive reinforcement. Instead of focusing on the problematic behavior, call attention to things your child is doing right and praise them for it. You can also motivate positive behavior by offering small rewards now and then.
  • Establish a Schedule
    Many children with ASD thrive in routines and schedules. Having a sense of consistency and structure helps them cope with daily challenges and can discourage problematic behaviors. A visual schedule with small illustrations can help your child better understand their routine and know what to expect.
  • Use Concise Language
    Children with ASD tend to have difficulty with language. Hence, they may not understand figures of speech right away. It is best to use plain, concise language with directives along with body language to improve communication over time.

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