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Common Misconceptions About Autism


As one of the leading providers of Autism Service in Waterford, FL, we have heard many misconceptions about autism. Allow us to share and debunk some of the most common ones.

  • People say that autism is a mental health disease but, it is a lifelong, complex neurological disorder that begins in childhood. It is a spectrum condition, which means that it affects people differently and to different degrees thus, each person will have unique challenges and strengths.
  • People with autism are aggressive. There may have been people with autism who have done aggressive acts but this is usually due to emotional distress or sensory overload. This is common in children however, these aggressive tendencies lessen as they grow and learn to express themselves.
  • Children with autism cannot form meaningful relationships. People have thought that individuals with ASD are not interested in relationships or do not have the ability to forge one. But research suggests the opposite. They can actually create connections and have desires to form relationships.
  • Another common misconception is that autism can be cured by medicine. As we have mentioned earlier, autism is a life-long disorder. While it cannot be “cured” by medication, early treatment can provide resources and skills that can help people with ASD live independent and fulfilling lives.

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